About TDS

    The initiative to start end 2000 the company Truck Door Service Nederland B.V. is grafted on the thoughts to offer extra service to bodybuilders, service workshops en users of shutterdoors. There where the established companies often stop the guidance after selling the product, TDS offers something extra in the form of advise in advance, mounting, repair/maintenance (maintenance contracts!) and out of stock spareparts supply.

    With years of experience, TDS can allready in an early stage advise the bodybuilder and/of the enduser what typ of shutter can be used or how the to solve a problem.


    Meanwhile our productrange consist 20 different shutters and different aluminium roll- and roofshutters from Whiting, Mobile, Ross & Bonnyman and Robinson, wherefore we can advise the right shutter for every application.

    As regards to the parts supply we can deliver, from all existing types and also from the older shutter types. 90% of the components and springs, complete counterbalances and panels out of stock. Think of brands as Wihag, FIT, Siebau, Windsor, Henderson, Whiting, Mobile and Ross & Bonnyman.