Overvieuw shutters


    Truck shutterdoors can be divided into two groups, Dry Freight (uninsulated) and insulated.

    Dry Freight shutters come in wood, plastic and aluminium. The wooden shutters are used for over 30 years and are simple, flexible, strong and inexpensive. Plastic shutters are on the rise, remain clean and are lighter. The new lightweight aluminium shutters are up to 15% lighter than a comparable wooden shutter and is very suitable for parcel and distrubutiontransport. There where high demands on strenght and durability are required, the heavier aluminium shutters are applied. The Alu Plus aluminium shutter is even NEN12642 Code XL certified.

    Insulated shutters can be supplied in plastic or aluminium, are 60mm thick, filled with CFC-free polyurethaan foam and ATP certified. The types differ in type of material and also in using or not hinges. On some aluminium shutters the panels hook into eachother, others have plastic hinges or a continuous rubber hinge/seal. A light insulated shutter is also available, especially for fresh services.

    All these shutters are available as handoperated. Many types can also be pneumatic or electrically operated.

    By going through the roller shutter selector you can see already what is the best applicable shutterdoor system for you.