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Door selector

On the right you can use the roller shutter selector. First, select the type of material. You can then choose a specific operation.

In this way we will ensure you only receive the information for the roller shutters down for you.

If you already have a sliding door but you would like technical documentation, click on this link.

For questions, please contact us.


Dry freight

Fitted with wooden, plastic or aluminium panels. Are used in non-insulated bodies, especially in parcel and distrubution transport. Choose for a simple, lightweight or robust shutter, depends on the type of transport.


Fitted with plastic or aluminium panels, 60mm thick, filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam and ATP certified. Several hinge and sealing options.

A light insulated shutter is also available, especially for fresh services.

 Roof-/RollershutterEquiped with 34 mm hollow section or 57mm open back aluminium panels. Applied in small bodies, fire- and flowerbodies and tool- and machineboxes at cetera. As roll- and roof shutter. Manual- or electric operated. 

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